About Solaris

Solaris Recordings was conceived in 2005, is run by Richard Mowatt and is the spiritual home of Solarstone. Music policy covers the quality progressive to pure trance spectrum. The label is supported by its weekly worldwide radio broadcast "Solaris International", presented by Solarstone and Robbie Nelson.

"Music is an outburst of the Soul"
- Frederick Delius


I have a shop (or I want to start one). Where can I buy your stock?
Contact Pinnacle / Music Response in the UK and they will be able to help you

I have a great tune and I want to release it with you guys.
Let's hear it, then! Click here to visit the song upload section. We promise to give everything a listen.

I have a comment on a release, or upcoming release or I think you should do ...this
Comments are always welcome. Simply visit our Interact page, or post a topic on our forum.

I would like to licence this track for my compilation
Visit the Interact page and tell us what you'd like to do.

Do you do downloads of your catalog?
You can download our digital releases at www.audiojelly.com/solaris and www.beatport.com/solaris recordings