SLRSCDLP002 Various Artists Rendezvous 1 (Mixed by Mark Eteson)
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Biography Mark Eteson is without doubt a future trance hero. Having just been crowned the new Godskithcen resident things are really on the up for this 23 year old new comer. Here he rounds off his amazing debut year with his debut mix CD. Its an interwoven trancescape.. mixing upfront tracks and special commissioned Mark originals. Add into the mix 3 exclusive tracks and 2 special mark edits and what you have is a mix CD that is really quite special. Flawless mixing and a set selection that mixes peak time trance with moody soundscapes and melodic interludes.

Credits See inlay for full list of credits (p) & (c) Solaris Recordings 2006.

Release Date 6th May 2006