SLRS061 Various Artists Electronic Architecture 2 - Extracts Pt. 2


Second pack of tracks taken from Electronic Architecture 2 here, with a driving peak time trance flavour across all 3.

Majera 'Escapade': One of the favourites from the album, Australia's Majera knows how to rock a trance floor without resorting to any clichés, just pure emotional trance music. The track opens up with a pulsating bassline and a melodic arpeggio which builds in tension to the break. Fabulous washes of synth layers and immersive pads build with a thunderous kick roll to the payoff, from where the track builds and builds to perfection.

Peter Liu 'City Of Dreams': Something with a classic balearic old school Hooj vibe here, again keeping things understated, just a warm pad progression which morphs and builds throughout the track.

Baltic Sound 'Searchers Lane': Produced by Russia's Ilya Malyuev, this track builds consistently with psy elements, melodic twists & turns, gated synth riffs and some fabulous 909 synth rolls.

Credits Majera - Escapade
Written & Produced by Engin Ogutveren.
Published by Dharma Songs.

Peter Liu - City Of Dreams
Written & Produced by Peter Liu.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Baltic Sound - Searchers Lane
Written & Produced by Ilya Malyuev Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2011 Solaris Recordings

Release Date 21 Nov 2011