SLRS050 Solarstone ft. Bill McGruddy Is There Anyone Out There?


'Is There Anyone Out There?' is taken from Solarstone's critically acclaimed new album 'Touchstone', and is the second single to feature the vocal talents of ex Southern Electrics frontman Bill McGruddy. The album version wowed critics with its warm analogue synth atmosphere and fabulous vocal from Bill, so here are a selection of club cuts for you.

First up, the 'Nude' Mix is a stripped down, warm, phat, stark & chunky big room vocal progressive beauty, reworked from the original album cut, at a sedantry 128bpm pace the tribal drum hits and clever bassline drop are massively powerful moments. Matvey Emerson delivers the first of the remixes, in a style gleaned from his stunning 'Prizma' single on System he creates a deliciously cool progressive trance mix which delivers some wicked moments, the production is ultra modern and the grooves are deep. The Smashing Atoms Remix is the one for your big room trance floors, tested out by Solarstone over recent months it takes the roof off with its pristine, melodic, warm & solid production - so much so that we've added an instrumental too for those long dark nights. We've also included the handy Video Mix for radio jocks.

Credits Written by Mowatt & McGruddy.
Produced by Solarstone.
Published by Copyright Control.
Taken from the album 'Touchstone'
(P) & (C) 2011 Solaris Recordings

Release Date 14 Feb 2011