SLRS022 Solarstone 4 Ever

Biography Limited white vinyl signed copies are sold out, however in a freak pressing incident, 150 extra limited sunburst orange copies have turned up! BE QUICK!
To celebrate the release of the Solarstone album 'Rain Stars Eternal' we decided to do a limited run of highly expensive-to-make one sided coloured vinyls. It was hard to pick a track, so we sat back and the chorus of club adulation for 4ever picked the track for us.
It's a big room trance track with big breakdowns and big riffs. It manages to encapsulate the classic Solarstone Seven Cities vibe with all that is current in trance today. There are limited copies of this available so be quick.

Credits Written by Richard Mowatt
Published by Copyright Control
(P) and (C) 2008 Solaris Recordings

Release Date 30 June 2008

Limited Edition 1 Sided Colour Vinyl - SLRS022
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