SLRS016 Aquateca Kohwai

Biography Aquateca is Russia Victor Shimyakov. His debut release Aquateca was picked up by Solarstone for their mix CD Destinations.
They liked it so much that they dropped a vocal they had produced over the top it.. it worked and the mash up was a high note of their mix CD.
Here that mash up mix features as the 2nd track. The blisteringoriginal, full of driving rhythms and chord stabs leads the release here as the lead track.

Credits Track 1) Written & Produced by Victor Shimyakov. Published by Dharma Songs
Track 2) Written by Aquateca, Rich Mowatt, Andy Bury & Elizabeth Fields. Published by Copyright Control & Dharma Songs.
Produced by Aquateca and Solarstone
(P) & (C) 2007 Solaris Recordings

Release Date 19 November 2007