SLRS001 Way Out West Killa

Biography "Killa" is the last single from The Way Out West Album "Don't Look Now". Past masters Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff deliver us the horror-film-sample laden original, which has been given the peak time trance treatment by Finnish-based maestros Orkidea & The Dallas Superstars.
The Orkidea mix on side a) layers a pulsating muscular groove with the menacing sounds of the original breakdown. This tune is guaranteed to move the floor. A peak time monster, currently doing the rounds with all the top 10 DJs.
Side b) Features Dallas Superstars (members of Bomfunk MC's) combining with Orkidea to deliver a more traditional Way Out West sound. This one fuses the Darth-Vader like samples with rolling basslines, all over crunching 4/4 rhythms.

Credits Written and performed by Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren.
Published by Wisternoff and Warren.
Licenced courtest of Distinctive
© Solaris Recordings 2005.

Release Date 15 October 2005